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Contact Us

At K2Motor, your complete satisfaction is our goal. If you have any questions about your orders or items our customer service team will be there to answer them. Our FAQ will also answer many of your questions. Your comments and suggestions are also welcome.

To contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may email us at:

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm PST
Lunch Hour 1PM - 2PM PST (Phone calls will resume after lunch hour.)
Closed on Weekends

Phone#: (909)839-2992
Toll Free#: (800)959-3915
Fax#: (909)839-2522

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21901 Ferrero Pkwy
Walnut, CA 91789

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  • If you purchased your items through ebay, you can email customer support here:
  • (please have your ebay item# or purchase order# ready)

  • If you need to contact us about something you already purchased, please have your order number ready so that we can better assist you.

  • All RMA requests, please click here:
    RMA Request

  • Click Here to see K2 Motor Buyer's Guide.


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    Popular items

    Acura Projector Headlights
    BMW Projector Headlights
    Cadillac Projector Headlights
    Chevy/GMC Projector Headlights
    Chrysler Projector Headlights
    Dodge Projector Headlights
    Ford Projector Headlights
    Honda Projector Headlights
    Isuzu Projector Headlights
    Jeep Projector Headlights
    Lexus Projector Headlights
    Mazda Projector Headlights
    Mercedes Benz Projector Headlights
    Mini Cooper Projector Headlights
    Mitsubishi Projector Headlights
    Nissan Projector Headlights
    Pontiac Projector Headlights
    Scion Projector Headlights
    Subaru Projector Headlights
    Toyota Projector Headlights
    Volkswagen Projector Headlights
    R8 Style LED Projector headlights

    Acura Euro Crystal Headlights
    Cadillac Euro Crystal Headlights
    Chevy/GMC Euro Crystal Headlights
    Chrysler Euro Crystal Headlights
    Dodge Euro Crystal Headlights
    Ford Euro Crystal Headlights
    Honda Euro Crystal Headlights
    Hyundai Euro Crystal Headlights
    Infiniti Euro Crystal Headlights
    Jeep Euro Crystal Headlights
    Lexus Euro Crystal Headlights
    Lincoln Euro Crystal Headlights
    Mazda Euro Crystal Headlights
    Mercedes Benz Euro Crystal Headlights
    Mitsubishi Euro Crystal Headlights
    Nissan Euro Crystal Headlights
    Pontiac Euro Crystal Headlights
    Subaru Euro Crystal Headlights
    Toyota Euro Crystal Headlights
    Volkswagen Euro Crystal Headlights

    Acura LED Tail Lights
    Audi LED Tail Lights
    BMW LED Tail Lights
    Cadillac LED Tail Lights
    Chevy/GMC LED Tail Lights
    Chrysler LED Tail Lights
    Dodge LED Tail Lights
    Ford LED Tail Lights
    Honda LED Tail Lights
    Hummer LED Tail Lights
    Jeep LED Tail Lights
    Lexus LED Tail Lights
    Mercedes Benz LED Tail Lights
    Mitsubishi LED Tail Lights
    Nissan LED Tail Lights
    Pontiac LED Tail Lights
    Scion LED Tail Lights
    Subaru LED Tail Lights
    Toyota LED Tail Lights
    Volkswagen LED Tail Lights