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Window Curtain Installation Video

K2motor has focused our efforts into research and development to bring you installation videos on Universal VIP Window Curtains. These window curtains are designed to provide your vehicle with a cosmetic VIP look while blocking out the sun if you didn’t decide to have your windows tinted. This kit comes with all necessary tools for installation.

Installation guide to install window curtain

Tools recommended for this job:

  • This kit comes with all necessary tools for installation
  • Alcohol prep pad – For cleaning the door frame area of where your windows are located.
  • Primer & Cotton Swab – To apply onto the area where you used the alcohol pad to wipe and clean your door frame surface.
  • 3m Adhesive Tape


  1. Start by opening the door of your vehicle of which you want to install the window curtain

  2. Using the alcohol prep pad, clean your door frame area surface before applying the window curtain. This process eliminates dirt and dust that can be trapped under your adhesive tape which can prevent your tape from securely sticking onto the surface.

  3. After cleaning, use the primer that we provide along with a cotton swab and apply it onto the area that you cleaned using the alcohol prep pad.

  4. Remove the end caps of the rail that secures your window curtains.

  5. Remove the stoppers on the rail.

  6. Remove the paper covering the adhesive for the 3M tape.

  7. Place the rail firmly on the bottom surface of your inner door panel.

  8. Repeat step 7 on the top surface of your inner door panel.

  9. Now you can bring over the curtains and install them onto the rail using the hooks that are attached to the curtain itself.

  10. Do this for the top and bottom railing.

  11. Once finished, place back the locking clip before placing back the end caps.

  12. Lastly, you can now apply the curtain holder to the window frame using 3M adhesive.


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