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Side Step Bar Installation

Video and Written Guide to Seal your Headlights to keep moisture out
Our video and written guide will detail the steps and tools need to seal water and condensation out of your headlights. Recommended for new lights and even for OEM headlights as they are also prone to collecting moisutre. We recommend watching the video or reading over the instructions before you begin the actual installation process. Some vehicles may require taking off the front bumper or other large body parts to gain access to the inner screws and bolts, and will therefore require more working space or in some cases even a partner to help.
Installation Video:
Written Instructions

Tools needed:

1. Prepare the screws (nuts, bolts, washers) before installation to make the job more simple when having to insert each screw.

2. Right below each side of the doors, there are bolts that appear to be holding up the frame.

3. (There might be a difference in the amount of the bolts below the truck, either (2 or 3 bolt points).
*Please do not tighten all the bolts yet, as we will do that at the end of the installation.

4. Start with the front, remove the bolt, take off the rubber doughnut, put the long bolt back through the bracket, and place back the rubber doughnut, then screw back the bolt.

5. Second, remove the middle bolt repeat the process of #4.

6. Third, remove the rear bolt and repeat the process of #4.

7. Bring the bar over and align the ends of the bar holes with the bracket and place the bolt through the hold and screw the bolt in.

8. Do the same with the end and the middle.

9. Tighten all the bolts to make sure that the side step bars are secure (please make sure that the side step bar is secure to the truck for safety).

10. Repeat the steps for the opposite side.

11. The installation is complete.

*Videos and written guide are property of K2Motor and SpecD Tuning. Under no circumstances may the material here be distributed without our permission.

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