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Projector Headlights Buyer's Guide

For many people, the cars they drive might be one of the things they use to define themselves as an individual. It is common to see vehicles with unique features that say something about the driver’s personality. You can hear it through the sound the car makes when it speeds by, or see it through the stylish bodywork done to the vehicle. With automobile lighting systems, a new look can be given to your ride, too! So why not start with K2 Motor’s wide selection of headlights? Find yourself a stylish, top-quality set of long lasting projector headlights! Read and learn more about the different types of projector headlights we have available through K2 Motor’s Buyer Guide, and choose the right headlights for your ride!

Low beam headlights (headlamps) provide a distribution of light designed to provide adequate forward and lateral illumination with limits on light directed towards the eyes of other road users. This beam is intended for use whenever other vehicles are present ahead to prevent significant amounts of light from being cast into the eyes of drivers of preceding or oncoming cars.
High beam headlights (headlmaps) provide a bright, centre-weighted distribution of light with no particular control of light directed towards other road users' eyes. As such, they are only suitable for use when alone on the road, as the glare they produce will dazzle other drivers.

What are projector headlights? What are R8 style projector headlights?
How does projector headlights work? Can these different designs be in one projector headlight?
What are LED projector headlights? Test cars with K2 Motor projector headlights!
What are halo and dual halo projector headlights? Why should I buy from K2 Motor?

Projector headlights are different from regular headlights. This is because the lens located at the front of the lighting lamp is made in a spherical shape, which gathers the light from the light bulb and projects it to give a more focused and brighter beam of light. Projector headlights are known for their ability to produce more focused and illuminating light beams in comparison to regular factory headlights. K2 Motor offers a variety of excellent quality projector headlights in many different designs and styles. So, take a look around and you will be sure you find the set you’ve been looking for!

The elements put into a projector headlights (headlamps) are a light bulb, projector, shield and reflector. The ellipsoidal reflector has filament on one end and a condenser lens on the other. The condenser lens is connected to the front of the lamp. Between the reflector and the lens is a shade that is located at the image plane. As the light from the bulbs is projected, the shade provides a cutoff for the low beam. The shade is shaped and positioned in such a way that the sharpness of the light is controlled. It is also because of the shade that the light gives off a soft blue hue.Some projector headlamps have solenoid present. If it does, then the shade will have a pivot that is actuated by the solenoid. This pivot provides both a high beam and a low beam.

“LED” is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs on projector headlights can act as a **Day Time Running Light. Unlike incandescent light sources, LED lights produce faster rise time (time taken to rise to full intensity). This can increase attention conspicuity and reaction time of other drivers which can enhance safety for you and others when driving. LEDs are known for low energy consumption and have better durability when compared to regular light bulbs. Not only that, LED projector headlights provide a unique design that captures the attention of many people.

Picture: 2LHP-E3997-8V2-TM
97-03 BMW E39 5-Series Projector Headlights - Chrome

The name “Halo” or “Angel Eye” is referred because of the way the circular light rings around the bulb of the headlights. The circular halo lights are lit by LED bulbs. This design first derived from BMW and quickly gained popularity in the automotive market. Single or dual halo headlights not only enhances the style of your vehicle, it also offers additional safety measurements during the day time, as they are commonly referred to as **Day Time Running Lights. 

Picture: 4LHP-CV01-TM
01-03 Honda Civic Dual Halo LED Projector Headlights w/Eyebrow - Chrome

The name “R8 Style” was originated from the Audi R8, which was the first vehicle to have a strip of stylish LED’s in each headlight. Similar with the LED and Halo projector headlights, R8 lights are commonly used as **Day Time Running Lights. These R8 style LED river lights are included in most projector headlights as one of the primary light sources since they are known to produce a wider light beam pattern.

Picture: 2LHP-CV96JM-8-TM
96-98 Honda Civic R8 Style LED Projector Headlights - Black

Yes! K2 Motor projector headlights are not limited to having just one of the listed designs. Our sets of projector headlights can include all these unique designs all in one. Make sure to check out K2 Motor's wide variety of projector headlights you won't find anywhere else!

Picture: 2LHP-E9005JM-8V2-TM
06-08 BMW E90 4D R8 Style Dual Halo Projector w/Amber Reflector Headlights - Black

We are always looking forward to introducing new and innovative products to our clients. Our projector headlights and many of our other products are test fitted to further develop our product line, and to ensure fitment and quality. Check them out!

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