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How to Seal Your Headlights

Moisture is not a new thing to automotive lighting. Here at K2 Motor, we all have seen those headlights or tail lights that have condensation inside of them. This can be caused by many variables; but the most common one is that headlights were not sealed properly by the manufacturer or the seal was broken by wear and tear. We have created this step by step instruction and video the process of the sealing headlights. Since headlights are the most common, next to tail lights, the process can be applied to both items. Furthermore, you can use them for the corner lights and bumper lights too to keep them from fogging on the inside.  

How to seal your headlights

Tools recommended for this job:

    • Ultra Black Silicon


  1. Have the headlights ready for to apply the silicone

  2. Follow the line where the lens and the housing meet (the line) to get an idea of the direction and any obstructions with sealing.

  3. Begin at the upper corner and slowly move along the line, while being careful that you do not get any silicone on the lens.

  4. Please apply more silicone at the clip where the lens and housing locks.

  5. The seal is now complete; this will help prevent any moisture and dust to get in.

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