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How to Replace Your Bulbs on TM Projector Headlights

Need to replace your bulbs on your K2 Motor TM Projector Headlights? Your halos dimming out? LEDs stopped working? If you have a TM Projector Headlight, here is a simple instructional video on how to replace the bulbs on your headlights. If you wanted brighter bulbs on your halos and LEDs, this video will guide you step by step to help you achieve just that.

Installation guide to Replace Bulbs on TM Projector Headlights


  1. Replace eyebrow light bulb
    • Gently pull out the rubber booth from the light bulb.
    • Gently pull out the light bulb from the rubber boot.
    • Replace new light bulb and plug the rubber boot back to its original location.

  2. Replace halo light bulb
    • Gently plug the halo light bulb out (there are both positive and negative connectors sides).
    • After pluging the new bulb, test before placing back to its original location (if it does not come on, install opposite direction)

  3. Replace head light bulb
    • Pop out the plastic weather cover.
    • There is a metal clip that locks the light bulb in place. Press firmly on the metal clip to release the lock.
    • Take the bulb out and replace it with the new light bulb and place it back to its location, placing back the metal locking pin securely.
    • Plug the light bulb wire connector and place back the plastic weather cover.

  4. Replace LED light bulb
    • Gently pull out the rubber boot.
    • Gently pull out the LED light bulb from the rubber boot and replace it with the new LED light bulb.
    • After replacing the new LED light bulb, test before placing back to its original location (if it does not come on, install opposite direction).

    Please check all lightings before taking your vehicle out in the road.

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