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How to Adjust Your Headlight Beam

At times, after hard work of installing your headlights, your beams may be all over the place and it ruins all the beautiful work you have done. How do you solve the problem of your beams being off you ask? Don’t worry, here at K2 Motor we provide you with an easy solution of properly adjusting your headlight beams step by step in order to finalize your work. Here you will see a basic instructional video of how most headlight beams can be adjusted whether you just installed those new headlights, or replacing bulbs on your older headlights.

Installation guide to adjust light beam on your projector headlights

Tools recommended for this job:

    • Phillips Screwdriver
    • 4mm socket
    • ¼” Driver Ratchet


* All headlights have the same concept.
* Screws size and shape may differ depending on the headlights.
* This process is preferred to be done in a darker setting for better light beam vision.

  1. On a wall or a garage door, make a centerline with masking tape (masking tape should make a straight line across the wall).

  2. Place your headlights 10 to 25 feet from the wall.

  3. Turn on the headlights at a low beam setting (the high beam should set to the adjusted level as well).

  4. Turning the top adjusting screws clockwise to raise the light beam, and turning it counterclockwise to lower the light beam.

  5. Turning the side adjuster screw to the right will move the light beam to the right, and turning it to the left will move the light beam to the left.

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