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Fog / Corner / Bumper Lights Buyer's Guide

Light sources in addition to your headlights are essential when driving in unfavorable weather conditions. That is when fog lights (fog lamps) come into place to provide you with the additional lighting that will offer better visibility when driving in unsightly weather conditions such as rain, dust, fog or snow.

Unlike regular headlights, fog lights are mounted below the headlights closer to the road located below the front bumper. The beams that fog lights produce are aimed toward the ground, generally intended for use at low speed to increase the illumination directed closer to the road’s surface. Because of the low speed and location of the lighting, it reduces the glare back from any fog or falling snow. Fog lights are more often designed in wider bar shapes for the beam of light to shine flat on to the road surface in order to minimize reflection back from fog. They are manufactured in different colors, most often in the colors white or selective yellow.

00-02 Mistubishi Eclipse Fog Lights
Item #: LF-ELP00-WJ

00-02 Mitsubishi Eclipse Fog Lights
Item #: LF-ELP00AM-W

SMOKED Mitsubishi Eclipse Fog Lights
Item #: LF-ELP00G-WJ

PROJECTOR HALO Ford F150 Halo Projector Fog Lights
Item #: LFP-F15006C-WJ

Corner lights, also known as side marker lights, are mounted in the front corner of a vehicle usually besides the headlights located on the side of the vehicle’s fender or quarter panel. The corner lights can provide extra lateral illumination in the direction of an intended turn or lane change. They can act as simple day time running lights or as reflectors. Corner lights are an affordable way to stylize your vehicle to provide a more elegant and stylish look.

BLACK Ford Mustang Coner Lights
Item #: 2LC-MST95JM-RS

CHROME Ford Mustang Corner Lights
Item #: 2LC-MST95-RS

AMBER / SMOKED Honda Civic JDM Style Corner Lights
Item #: LC-CV923GA-RS

AMBER Hond Accord Corner Lights
Item #: LC-ACD94AM

LED Honda Civic LED Corner Lights
Item #: LC-CV923AMLED

Bumper lights will add an additional stylish finish to your vehicle and also serve to perform essential function of lighting when you are on the road. Bumper lights are cost effective, which gives any vehicle enthusiast the opportunity to add a personalized touch to their vehicle without breaking the bank.

CHROME GMC Yukon Denali Bumper Lights
Item #: LB-DEN00-TM

BLACK GMC Yukon Denali Bumper Lights
Item #: LB-DEN00JM-TM

GLOSSY BLACK / SMOKE GMC Yukon Denali Bumper Lights
Item #: LB-DEN00G-TM

AMBER Acura Integra Bumper Lights
Item #: LB-INT92AM-RS

LED Chevy Silverado & Tahoe LED Bumper Lights
Item #: 2LB-SIV99GLED-KS


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