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1999-2005 E46 3 Series

1999-2005 E46 3 Series

Black Halo Projector Headlights
Black Halo Projector Headlights

For 2002-2005 BMW E46 3-Series

Product: 2002-2005 BMW 3-Series 4DR E46 Dual Halo Projector Headlights. Descriptions: BMW 3 Series E46 4 Door Dual Halo projectors can go nicely with any cars. The black color can match with anything E46 BMW has made. To have black halo projector ligh...
Market price: $346.99
Our price: $329.95
Save 5%
Black Projector Headlights
Black Projector Headlights

For 1999-2001 BMW E46 3-Series

Product: 1999-2001 BMW E46 325I 328I Projector Headlights. Descriptions: Bmw E46 Halo Projector Headlights. The Projector Headlights Kits Provide For Intense Light Beam Concentration. Innovative & Unique Design That Customize Your Vehicle, With Only T...
Market price: $188.99
Our price: $179.95
Save 5%
CCFL Halo Ring Kit
Product: BMW E36 E38 E39 E46 CCFL Halo Ring Kit. Descriptions: Wish that you had the angel eye halo rings on your BMW like they have on the newest models now? Don't have enough to purchase a set projec...
Market price: $39.99
Our price: $25.95
Save 35%
Out of stock

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