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00-05 Toyota Celica Projector Headlight Installation

Video and Written Guide on how install Projector Headlights for 2000-2005 Toyota Celica
Our video and written guide will detail the steps and tools need to remove the stock headlights and install our aftermarket projector headlights for the 00-05 Toyota Celica. We recommend watching the video or reading over the instructions before you begin the actual installation process. Some vehicles may require taking off the front bumper or other large body parts to gain access to the inner screws and bolts, and will therefore require more working space or in some cases even a partner to help.
Installation Video:
Written Instructions

1. After the hood is open, the passenger side there is a weather shield that is held down by (5) clips.

2. After the weather shield is removed, the driver side also has a shield with (2) clips that needs to be removed.

3. Next, at the bottom of the front bumper there are (4) bolts that needs to be removed.

4. There are bumper lights on the side of the bumper that needs to be removed, by reaching your hand in while pulling the wheel well back slight and unplug the harness for the light.

5. While the wheel well is pulled back slightly, you will notice that there is a bolt that connects the front bumper and the front fender together.

6. Back to the top of the front bumper, there are (4) bolts and (1) clip that are lined up that have to be removed.

7. Gently tug on the sides of the front bumper tor lease inner locking clips and pull off the bumper from the front.

8. The headlights has a bracket that is bolted down with (3) bolts, and the (2) bolts on top of the headlights have to be removed; then the light bulb harness can be unplugged and the headlights can be safely taken out completely.

9. We will need the original driving lights sockets and turn signal sockets for your new projector headlights.

10. Place the stock sockets into your new projector headlights, plug in the harnesses for the sockets and make sure that the negative and the negative wire aligns.

11. The signal light connector needs to move up because the projector headlights and signal light is located at the top, so you just carefully cut the plastic shielding that is bundling the wires together.

12. Now there there is enough slack, take off the metal clips from the headlight brackets from the stock and place on the projector headlights.

13. If your headlights have halo/leds, please see my halo/leds installation knol.

14. Bring the projector headlights back to its original location and plug the harnesses back on.

15. Once the headlight is secured, please replace all the parts by following the steps in reverse.

16. The installation is complete please check all lights before driving your car.

*Videos and written guide are property of K2Motor and SpecD Tuning. Under no circumstances may the material here be distributed without our permission.

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